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Heavy Duty Piano Truck TrolleyProduct Code: PT1 - £120.95
(Incl. Delivery/Excl. Vat)

This Alan Stuart Aluminium Piano Truck specially designed for easy and safe movement of pianos and other heavy objects. The piano truck/trolley is unique in that it is an all welded construction. Because the piano truck/trolley is welded throughout there are no bolts or split pins used, making the truck extremely strong and rigid. Non-marking rubber buffers are fitted on each corner of the trolley and ribbed non-slip rubber blocks are fitted on the top channel.

Quality and safety forms the basis of our designs

For more information on Aluminium Piano Trucks, Heavy Duty Piano Skids or Piano Furniture Removal products then please contact us.

Code: PT1
Height: 9"/240mm
Width: 17"/425mm
Length: 29"/725mm
Wheels: 8" Steel Centred Roller Bearing Rubber Tyre Wheel
Weight: 18Kgs
Capacity: 750Kgs
Price: £120.95 (Incl. Delivery/Excl. Vat)

Price includes delivery within England & Wales 

Orders placed before 10am Mon-Thur go out same day, standard delivery is 3 working days.

(please note that bulk orders may take longer)

  Delivery Supplements:          
    Next Day Delivery: £5.00 Residential Address: £3.00  
Geographical Supplements:      
    Scotland: £3.50 Cornwall   £3.50  
    Grampian: £18.00 Devon   £3.50  
    Highlands: £24.50 Isle of wight £13.50  

All prices are Excluding Vat & Valid until 31.03.10


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Industrial strength hand trolleys and hand removal trucks. Hand Trolleys and Sack trucks. Handling Equipment for safe and easy movement of heavy objects. All Alan Stuart trolleys are industrial strength and can provide years of use making movement of objects much easier for the user. Folding Toe, Flat Bed trolleys, Platform Trolleys, Custom Designs with company name plates attached on request.

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